In Ardèche, culture and heritage combine to offer you the unique opportunity to travel back in time and even discover the origins of humanity

Prehistoric men had already made the Ardèche their home… just like the following generations! Ardèche reveals to you its history, made of passion and based on the relationships between local inhabitants and their cultural heritage…

The Pont d’Arc Cavern, a replica of the Chauvet Cave, a site listed by l’UNESCO

Cradle of humanity, art at its very origin… Such are the terms used to describe the exceptional site discovered in Ardèche in 1994. The Chauvet Cave has been reconstructed identically on an emblematic site on the heights of Vallon Pont d’Arc: The Pont d’Arc Cavern!

A must-see!

The Aven d’Orgnac, discover a local gem ranked as one of the major historical sites in France

From limestone extraction to the discovery of Aven d’Orgnac in 1935, embark on a real human-size adventure story that gives you the chance to escape and travel back in time.

The Train de l’Ardèche (Mastrou): discover the emblematic steam train that revolutionized its time…

Since 1891, beautiful views and structures succeed each other on the route of the Train de l’Ardèche (Mastrou). With this true witness of the local historical and cultural heritage, visitors have the opportunity to discover vintage locomotives and board carriages that have been listed as Historic monuments.

Ardelaine, when utopia becomes reality…

Some said the inhabitants of Ardelaine were mad when they opted for a socially responsible economic system to produce and sell wool in Ardèche. 30 years later, the initiative proves to be a success! Discover in this unique site a project driven by passion, as well as a museum, a shop and a restaurant using only local produce… Just 30 minutes from Ardèche Camping. &

A soft spot for quaint places? Discover local villages whose history is written in stone…

The Ardèche boasts about twenty typical classified villages whose soul and history are embedded in stone and fashioned by man…

Saint Vincent de Barres, Voguë, Balazuc, Alba-la-romaine, Beauchastel, Chalencon and Antraigues (home of French singer Jean Ferrat) not far from our campsite, are well worth a visit… And don’t miss the village of Coux, just 2 kilometres away: so typical of the Ardèche, it will no doubt delight you !