Experience a taste of the exotic and untamed on your camping holiday in the Ardèche with a visit to La Ferme aux Crocodiles wildlife park. Here reptiles, tortoises and snakes live peacefully in astonishing reproductions of their original habitats. Book a stay at our campsite close to the La Ferme aux Crocodiles and treat yourselves to a trip to one of the top kid-friendly activities in the Ardèche! 


A wildlife park unlike any other in Europe

With its 10,000 m² tropical glasshouse, 1,000 residents and 600 varieties of exotic plants, La Ferme aux Crocodiles is not your typical animal park. It’s actually the largest reptile reserve in Europe! With an impressive number of different species living here, you’ll be whisked away on a tour of the animal realm as soon as you step through the gates. Crocodiles from the Nile, alligators from the Mississippi, anacondas… while some species are familiar and often fill our stories and daydreams, others are less well known: had you ever heard of the False Gharial before today? Or the Gourami? If not, then you simply must take a guided tour of La Ferme aux Crocodiles during your holiday in the Ardèche. And if you had, well done!


Crocodiles and other species

La Ferme aux Crocodiles is home to no fewer than twelve of the 24 crocodile species in existence. In all, there are more than 350 representatives of this reptile family snapping with impatience as they await your visit. That might not sound very reassuring, but don’t worry – they’re fed and pampered by the park’s zookeepers every day! In any case, it’s against the rules for them to bite visitors’ legs…

It’s no surprise that this reserve is one of the most visited attractions in the Ardèche. Because as well as crocodiles, there are plenty of other species for you and your children to admire, including the alligator snapping tortoise, reticulated python and Caribbean iguana. But there’s more to life than reptiles! With its array of exotic fish (clown loach, silver tigerfish, guppy…) and birds (red ibis, rainbow lorikeet, blue-bellied roller…), La Ferme aux Crocodiles is a vibrant, colourful burst of biodiversity!


Activities at the park

If you really want to become a walking encyclopaedia on reptiles after your camping holiday in the Ardèche, make the most of the many activities and shows on offer at the animal park: 

  • The Apéro Crocos: book your place for this event and, once the other visitors have left the park, you can watch the crocodiles being fed and listen to the commentary by their keepers. Round off the experience by sharing a tropical aperitif with park staff! 
  • The Reserve Awakes: this is really the opposite of the Apéro Crocos! Well before the day’s other visitors arrive at the park, you can watch as the exotic reptiles wake up and then tuck into a delicious breakfast. 
  • Zookeeper for a day: let your child, aged 12 or over, follow in the footsteps of a zookeeper as he or she spends the day looking after the animals. A mini work-experience session, surrounded by crocodiles and snakes!

And that’s just a small sample of what’s in store! The park has an array of other activities and shows to keep the whole family entertained during your camping holiday in the Ardèche. The ideal way to educate youngsters about wildlife while enjoying a fun-filled experience!


The best campsites near La Ferme aux Crocodiles

To discover the La Ferme aux Crocodiles ecosystem and its wildlife conservation programme, we highly recommend booking a campsite close to the animal park. And if camping comfort is a priority for you, then take a look at our superb 4 and 5 star campsites in the Ardèche

Le Soleil Vivarais: close to the Gorges de l’Ardèche and the Pont d’Arc, this 5 star campsite benefits from a truly outstanding location. In terms of comfort and amenities, it is second to none, boasting two water parks, a balneo area, a whirlpool, massages, spa, children’s and teens’ clubs… The ultimate getaway if you’re looking for accommodation close to La Ferme aux Crocodiles. 

Les Jardins de Privas: a 4 star campsite offering top-notch facilities and services. It has everything you need for a fun-packed and relaxing holiday with the kids or your significant other: a heated swimming pool, aquatic playground, waterslides, paddling pool, multisports ground… In short, the finest nature camping experience with pitches for your tent in the Ardèche.