Unwind and fill your senses with wonder – our idea of the perfect holiday experience! And the great news is that’s exactly what’s in store for you in the Ardèche. The area is a treasure trove of natural gems but one of them stands out as a must-see – the Ray Pic waterfall. Located in the heart of the Monts d’Ardèche Natural Regional Park, it will be the highlight of any campsite holiday in the Ardèche


Dizzingly beautiful

If we had to describe this stunning sight in just two words? Majestic and mesmerising. Tumbling from a height of 35 metres in the heart of the Ardèche countryside, it never fails to make an impression when you lay eyes on it for the first time. But did you know that the name “Ray Pic waterfall” in the singular isn’t entirely accurate? Because 60 metres above, a second waterfall cascades down next to it. This one is less noticeable at first but is equally remarkable as it carves its way through the basaltic rock. Side by side, the two waterfalls offer visitors a breathtaking spectacle, forming one of the most beautiful attractions in the Ardèche


The Monts d’Ardèche Natural Regional Park 

The Monts d’Ardèche Natural Regional Park is an extraordinary mosaic of natural landscapes, with 180,000 hectares of forests, hills and verdant plateaux. And the Ray Pic Waterfall sits in the heart of this magnificent showcase. As a result, the path that takes you there is just as beautiful as the waterfall itself! And all of this is just a few short miles from your luxury campsite in the Ardèche.

Founded in 2001, the park is responsible for protecting and preserving the natural fauna and flora of the Ardèche, a unique ecosystem with a number of endemic species. A holiday at a family campsite in the Ardèche is the perfect opportunity to join in outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking and paragliding in the Monts d’Ardèche Regional Nature Park. And if photography is your thing, this is one of the best spots in the Ardèche to capture stunning landscapes. 


The best walks near the waterfall 

When you opt to stay at one of our campsites near the Ray Pic waterfall, you’ll be ideally located to embark on a hike leading you to this amazing natural wonder. Here’s our selection of the best walks in the area: 

  • Walk from Péreyres: a popular trail on a well-marked-out path, with the Ray Pic waterfall as the reward for your efforts. 


  • The waterfalls trail: a real sense of escape immersed in the surroundings of the Monts d’Ardèche natural park. You’ll cross the Pont du Diable – or devil’s bridge – a stone structure that’s as impressive as its name suggests. 


  • The Gorges de l’Eyrieux loop: a scenic route through the rolling landscapes of the Eyrieux Valley. The River Eyrieux is always a stunning sight. Another opportunity to make special memories during your stay at a campsite near the Ray Pic waterfall.


  • The Mont Gerbier de Jonc hike: a trail across the Monts d’Ardéche, not far from the Ray Pic waterfall. It will take you to another of the region’s emblematic sights, Mont Gerbier de Jonc, where the Loire, France’s longest river, has its source.


The best campsites near the Ray Pic waterfall 

To experience all the magic of the Ray Pic waterfall and marvel at its stunning surroundings, the ideal solution is to book a holiday at one of our luxury campsites near the Ray Pic waterfall

Le Jardins de Privas 4 star campsite: set in the heart of the Ardèche, this site lets you enjoy all the benefits of nature without having to get into your car. With its direct access to the river, there are endless opportunities for walking and watersports! Our campsite in the Ardèche offers a plethora of popular activities and top-notch amenities on site: aquatic playgrounds for children, waterslides, trampolines, evening entertainment, sports grounds, pétanque and much more. 

Le Soleil Vivarais 5 star campsite: experience the ultimate in rest and relaxation with the 5 star amenities and services at our campsite with swimming pool in the Ardèche. As well as direct access to the Gorges de l’Ardèche, you can take full advantage of all its top-of-the-range facilities: 2 water parks with heated swimming pools, waterslides and whirlpools, balneotherapy, spa, playgrounds, sports grounds, dance classes, etc. 

Don’t delay and book your accommodation at one of our campsites near the Ray Pic waterfall. Come and appreciate the unbridled beauty of the Ardèche and its landscapes.