Treat your family to an unforgettable experience at one of our luxury campsites in the Ardèche. Surrounded by an extraordinarily well-preserved natural environment and landscapes that offer a sense of escape and serenity, you’ll be able to make the most of the top-notch amenities at our campsites and have a fantastic time with your family. There’s a whole host of things to do and see in and around the Ardèche, but one place that’s sure to thrill visitors big and small is the amazing Peaugres Safari Park, home to wildlife from all over the world. Enjoy an exotic adventure with the whole family during your stay in the Ardèche!


Peaugres Safari Park

The Peaugres Safari Park promises a unique encounter with some of Africa’s most enchanting and iconic animals during your holiday in the Rhône-Alpes. Among the inhabitants of this zoo are some of Africa’s most renowned species: lions, rhinos, giraffes, cheetahs, elephants and more. Additionally, your children will be able to admire animals from all over the world. At the end of the day, you’ll make your way back to your accommodation near the Peaugres Safari Park with your head and heart overflowing with happy memories.

African wildlife in the heart of the Ardèche

If you’d like to witness the most stunning natural sights of Africa during your holiday in the Ardèche, head for the north of the department and the outskirts of the town of Annonay. The Peaugres Safari Park is easy to reach, as it lies close to the Lyon-Valence route and the A7 motorway. It’s located outside the town, away from the hustle and bustle, yet easy to get to and still isolated enough for the animals and day trippers to enjoy real peace and quiet. 

Surround yourself by the world’s wildlife

What sets the Peaugres Safari Park apart is its vast 80 hectares of lush greenery, allowing for an authentic and immersive encounter with the animal kingdom. The animals really are at home here, and you are their guests. There are two main routes through the zoo: first, in your car, you’ll drive through different ecosystems from around the world, recreated to ensure that the species from distant climes feel at home. The other part of the tour is on foot, in direct contact with the animals, although the wilder species are protected behind glass. 

From one enclosure to the next, the drive takes you on a world tour to meet the native species: Africa with elephants, ostriches, giraffes, zebras, camels… then North America, with the bison, grizzly bears and wolves. 

On the walking trail, children will come face to face with animals unknown in our latitudes, such as mischievous lemurs, kangaroos, macaws, and multicoloured parrots. A little further on, in the “claws and fangs” section, you can observe the most fascinating species in the animal kingdom behind protective glass: tigers, lions, hyenas, cheetahs… They are both magnificent and fearsome at once, but here they live peacefully in enclosures that reproduce their natural habitats. 

A host of activities at the Peaugres Safari Park

As well as exploring the park and marvelling at the animal shows, children will be kept entertained by the array of activities on offer at the Peaugres Safari Park: playgrounds, Safari Splash (600 m² featuring all kinds of water games and jets), or even wildlife-themed challenges for them to tackle. After such a thrilling – but no doubt tiring – day, there’s a good chance that the kids will nod off in the car on the drive back to your campsite accommodation near the Peaugres Safari Park!  

The Safari Park offers various options for dining on-site, including shaded picnic areas, snack bars, and restaurants located within the park. The vehicle safari takes an hour, and the full tour on foot takes 3 to 4 hours. The Park is open every day from April to September and at weekends the rest of the year. 


The best campsites near the Peaugres Safari Park 

Take your children on a unique adventure through the animal world and benefit from the top-of-the-range services on offer at our campsites close to the Peaugres safari

Les Jardins de Privas 4 star campsite: a campsite surrounded by the natural landscapes of the Ardèche and even offering direct access to the River Ouvèze. Ideal for a wide range of water-based activities and for walks with the family along its banks. Close to the Peaugres Safari Park (approx. 1.5-hour drive), it offers high-end amenities and services in its wooded grounds: heated swimming pool, paddling pool, waterslides, multisports ground, trampoline, children’s club, an aquatic playground for your youngsters, and much more. 

Le Soleil Vivarais 5 star campsite: experience the ultimate in comfort and relaxation during your holiday, courtesy of the premium services and facilities at our campsite close to the Peaugres Safari Park. Balneotherapy, water park with waterslides, paddling pool, whirlpool, massages, spa… and the icing on the cake? Direct access to the Gorges de l’Ardèche with no need to leave your campsite.